Comllen Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review – Worth a Purchase?


Many people go on to buy a farmhouse kitchen sink because they want something larger and comfy to use in the kitchen. And if that’s the case for you, then the Comllen 33-inches kitchen sink made of stainless steel won’t let you down.

It boasts the ideal dimensions with a broad and deep design that makes dish-washing pretty easy. You won’t have to waste time organizing the dishes inside before washing them as this sink offers enough space to do so directly without any meddling.

But there’s much more about this farmhouse sink than just its size. And here we are going to talk about these additional factors, quirks, and any drawback you may need to know. Want to learn more about this sink? Then take a step further and find out!

Comllen Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Overview

One of the first things to know about the Comllen farmhouse kitchen is that it comes with one of the most reliable & good-looking builds using stainless steel. This will relieve any worry you may have about the sink, as it will look precisely like the most reliable options do.

It is pretty wide and deep, so enough dishes and things-to-wash fit inside without any problem. And it comes with several build-related features that make it not only durable but also functional in many different ways.

Even the drain hole is perfect for kitchen use so you can expect along with its size that this sink will be a piece of cake to install. And what’s even better – it looks terrific where you put it thanks to a satin finish.

Everything about this kitchen sink wields quality, and it comes with several additional features that will impress even the most demanding of buyers. But still, there’s a lot more about this sink you need to know.

Advantages of the Comllen Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

If you think the Comllen 33-inches Stainless Steel Farmhouse sink is an excellent choice already, then wait to see what it stands out for. Here are the most critical features of this product:

Outstanding Construction

The construction of this sink is merely flawless. It starts with the use of T-304 premium stainless steel using chromium and nickel. This means you get a product that will never produce any rust or stain. Add the commercial-grade brushed finish in the outside, and you’ll get the neatest sink in the market.

To this construction, you can add the 1.5 millimeters thickness of the sink. This means it is stronger and way more reliable than many other options of its kind. And what makes this exceptional build even better, consider the thick rubber dampening pads that insulate sound inside and reduces vibrations.

To finish, this build comes with a stone guard undercoating that prevents condensation and damage to wood cabinets. Add it all together, and you have one of the most fantastic constructions in the market of farmhouse sinks.

Straightforward Installation

Apart from being made with the utmost quality in the market, the product also manages to deliver an easy installation. It weighs only 30 pounds which is pretty light for large sinks like this. This will make handling pretty easy when installing.

Just remember that this is an undermount apron sink, so installation is a piece of cake but needs the ideal cabinet to work flawlessly. However, this is the most common type of installation, so very likely you’ll have a fantastic experience when mounting or re-installing anywhere at home.

Convenient Design

It is easy to install, but it’s also amazingly convenient in many other ways. Just start with the sound-reducing use of thick rubber pads. This makes it better for a quiet night of dish-washing. The sink also comes with excellent insulation so you can keep your dish warm when cleaning for more effectiveness.

Apart from that, the design offers a 3 ½ inches drain opening, making it easy to fit most types of cabinets and kitchen needs. But most importantly of all, you can adjust this sink on any garbage disposal without making much of an effort.

Very Stylish & Sleek Design

We already explained the build of this sink, and only for that, you can expect it to last a lifetime. However, there’s still a little more to know about this sink – especially with its satin finish.

The brushed nickel finish will make you happy of getting a product that stands out among its competitors. And it starts because it looks flawless. Especially when you add the rounded corners that add a sleek touch to its design while making it easy to clean when needed.

Disadvantages of the Comllen Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Even though it is a fantastic farmhouse sink for those who appreciate quality over anything else, it also comes with a few flaws. This will help you learn how much of a liability this sink can be:

Screws Don’t Fit

One of the main problems with this sink is that the screws that come with it may not work when installing. The process is a piece of cake until it enters the moment of screwing the sink on the cabinet. You’ll eventually have to look for the right screws or else you won’t be able to set it up.

Bends Easily

When you get a farmhouse sink, the thing you expect is something significant and convenient to use for large amounts of things to wash. But this gets a little problematic when the sink bends too much.

While it won’t scratch much or develop rust and corrosion – it may eventually bend if you don’t treat it gently. And of course, that may finally feel a little discomforting when the sink starts losing its appeal.


  • Looks fantastic with a sleek brushed nickel finish that stands out in any kitchen
  • Excellent finish prevents scratches, corrosion, and stains
  • Very thick 1.5 mm stainless steel construction for more durability & resistance
  • The straightforward & well-made design allows easy installation
  • Comes with sound-proofing patches & excellent insulation for better dishwashing


  • The borders of the sink may bend easily which can be a long-term issue
  • The screws that come with it may not fit when installing

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you think you know enough about a product, new doubts start arising in your head and could make your choice a little tricky. Luckily, here we bring the most common questions for you to relieve those doubts:

Q: Does this sink come with a drain tube?

A: No, it only comes with the standard 3 ½ inches drain hole but no tube or grid.

Q: Can you remove the apron on this sink? 

A: No, the front part of the sink is not removable at all.

Q: Is the brushed finish on the entire product or only on the front/inside?

A: The finish only applies to the front and inside of the sink. All the other parts of the sink are simple stainless steel with no finish.

Bottom Line

So you’re looking a high-quality farmhouse sink that delivers no less than the most fantastic experience possible. Well, the Comllen 33-inches Stainless Steel sink is probably that product.

From its exceptional looks to its unique brushed nickel finish for durability to an excellent thickness build – everything this sink offers makes it perfect for demanding users. And the best of all, it comes at a really affordable price when compared to similar options.

If you want something reliable, well-made and good-looking – this sink won’t disappoint.

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