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KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review


Steel and cast sinks are always excellent choices for your kitchen, but nothing compares in looks & quality to fireclay. This model from KES has everything you could need in a kitchen sink with farmhouse design. But it all starts with how it’s made. So you can not only get a product that goes a step […]

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Comllen Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review


Many people go on to buy a farmhouse kitchen sink because they want something larger and comfy to use in the kitchen. And if that’s the case for you, then the Comllen 33-inches kitchen sink made of stainless steel won’t let you down. It boasts the ideal dimensions with a broad and deep design that makes […]

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KOHLER K-6488 Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink Review


In the world of sinks, nothing compares to Kohler products in terms of brand quality. And the K-6488 Whitehaven is probably the most fantastic basin this brand offers. At first look, this sink will thoroughly impress you; it is small and simple but stands out for its whiteness and exceptional finish. It still manages to come […]

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Ruvati Verona Workstation Farmhouse Sink Review


For some people, having a simple sink is not enough for their kitchen. They want something more functional, capable of going where other brands are not willing to go to deliver practicality and excellent results apart from just pouring water.  And guess what – that’s precisely what Ruvati does with this Workstation Sink. This is one of […]

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Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review


There’s nothing more satisfying than having a pretty, easy-to-clean, and very reliable sink in your kitchen. When this happens, washing dishes and keeping your kitchen in order becomes less of a chore and more a very appealing activity to do. And that’s precisely what Lordear adds with this farmhouse basin. This is probably among the most […]

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ZUHNE Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink Review


Many people think it’s easy, but picking the right sink for your kitchen can demand a lot of work and research, so the product eventually fits the space, works according to the needs of the user, and ultimately delivers the quality & performance that’s needed. Luckily for you, here we bring a review of the Zuhne […]

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Kraus KHF203 33’’ Farmhouse Apron Sink Review


If you want a great product on your kitchen, nothing works better than something from a leading brand such as Krays. And when it comes to sinks, the KHF203 is probably the best dual-bowl model you’ll find. It is a basin for those who want something that stands out, something that looks amazing, but also a […]

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Kraus KHF203 36’’ Farmhouse Sink Review


The KHF203 series from Kraus is probably the most sought-after model in the double-bowl market. It focuses on high-quality designs with outstanding constructions, sinks that will make kitchen chores way easier and enjoyable than with any other option. It’s all about quality, and Kraus never disappoints when it comes to that. That’s why you can completely […]

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ZUHNE Prato Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink Review


Once you see the name of Zuhne, you know this is a very reliable farmhouse sink. It is easy to spot a great product once you see it, and this basin is precisely that. Whether it is looks or functionality, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great thing to have such a great-quality sink available with so […]

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7 Best Gift for Farmers


It’s the time of the year when that one farmer you really like who is either a friend or a family member needs to get a present from you and so you are looking for the best gift for farmers. Farmers love what they do, and their love for farming is the passion of their life. […]

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